NordVPN discounted subscriptions

NordVPN is a popular VPN service provider that allows you to stay secure and anonymous online through OpenVPN tunnel.

We buy NordVPN subscriptions in bulk and can resell them for a lower price. For example, NordVPN 3 year plan is 20% cheaper if you buy from us instead of directly from NordVPN (even with their discounts). 

If you buy a subscription through us, we will send you an activation link over email that will allow you to create a NordVPN account and activate your license. We don't have any access to your account, and won't know your password.

We can pre-configure routers bought from us to use NordVPN, but you will have to enter your password via the configuration panel to connect (we don't know your password).

NordVPN 2 year Subscription

786,00 SEK
982,50 SEK incl. vat

NordVPN 1 year Subscription

399,00 SEK
498,75 SEK incl. vat

NordVPN 1 month Subscription

72,00 SEK
90,00 SEK incl. vat
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