About TekLager

We are a Stockholm-based webshop specialized in selling high-quality electronic components for building open source network appliances. Routers, firewalls, and servers. 

We sell a limited selection of hardware that was extensively tested by us and is guaranteed to be solid and reliable. We will never sell or recommend anything that we would not use ourselves.

Who we are

We are two programmers passionate about open-source who know how to build reliable routers.

We both have day jobs, working as software engineers. Pawel is building tools for developers (check it out, k6 is an open-source tool for performance testing). Natalia is writing enterprise Java code.

We operate this webshop after hours - you will notice that your order gets shipped around 8:00 pm. 

Our story

We opened this webshop in 2017, expecting it to be a hobby project, with very few sales. It turned out that we are not the only ones who love open-source and are dissatisfied with the performance of commodity routers.

For many years we used a D-link router which was a world of pain, unstable, slow, unresponsive. After that, we upgraded to an Asus router recommended by many, which was better, but still required a reset every few days to work at an acceptable speed. After a couple of years of resetting our router every week, we have had enough. We are engineers; we can build something better! It took some time, but we managed to get parts from Switzerland and China, and we built a much better router!

Importing parts, dealing with customs, paying fees and building it was a hassle. It should not be so hard to get high-quality parts to build a router. After that experience, we have decided to open this webshop to enable more people to build their own devices.

Our customers

This webshop became much more successful than we anticipated. It turned out that people love this stuff!

Today we supply routers to the Swedish Armed Forces (yup, the Swedish Army runs our hardware!), few other government institutions, some ISPs, many universities, business customers all around Scandinavia, and of course, individual geeks like us!

Mission statement

Our mission is to give open-source software and hardware the attention it deserves. 

You may wonder why our prices are so much lower than on the competing webshops. There are three main reasons:

  1. We import directly from our vendors, for example, PC Engines in Switzerland, on preferential distributor wholesale prices.
  2. We sell only limited inventory items, so we don't need a warehouse or a physical shop. This also means we add new items very carefully and run multiple tests before selling them to make sure customers are getting the best products.
  3. We keep our costs low and sell at low margins.

We do this mostly for the joy of tinkering with hardware and open-source software :-)