AX880 Access point - getting started instructions

1. Unpack the box and take out the access point

In the box, you should find,

  • 1x ax880 Access point
  • 1x ceiling mounting plate (attached)
  • 4x mounting screws
  • 1x 1meter cat5e network cable 

Optionally, you may also have purchased a 12V power adapter.

2. Connect the cables

You don't need a power adapter if you have a Network Switch that supports Power Over Ethernet (POE). In that case, connect a cable from your Switch to the port marked as POE on the access point. The AP should power on after a few seconds, and the LED in front should light up WHITE. 

If you don't have a POE switch, you will need a 12V power adapter. Connect it to the DC port.

At this point, you should be able to see two wirless networks with the following SSIDs.

  Network 1 Network 2
SSID TekLager-AX880-2.4 TekLager-AX880-5.0
Password TekLager123 TekLager123
Frequency  AX / Channel 1 / 40Mhz AX / Channel 36 / 80Mhz


3. Access the web interface

If your network is configured to be you should be able to access the access point directly without any configuration.

The web interface should be accessible at 

username: root 
password: blank (leave empty)

It's a good idea to set a root password. Click the button in the prompt and fill in a new password.

4. Reconfigure the WiFi SSID and password

You may want to personalize your SSIDs and change the default network passwords.

Go to Network => Wireless => Click Edit button => Wireless Security Tab => Enter new password => Click Save => Click "Save & apply"

5. (optional) If you have multiple access points

If you have multiple Access Points, you will need to assign a different IP address to each one of them. Otherwise, all of them will have the same address, and things won't work well. 

Go to Network => Interfaces Tab => Click Edit => Change the IPv4 address => Click Save => Click "Save & Apply"

Each Access Point must have a different IP address. 

6. (optional) If your network is not

If your network is not configured to the (typically default) address space, you will need to reconfigure the IP of the Access Point before you connect it to the network.

The easiest way to do this is to:

  1. Temporarily set a static IP address on your PC to,
  2. Connect a cable between the access point (POE port) and your PC.
  3. Power on the access point with a DC adapter.

At this point, you should be able to access the web interface on and change the IP address as outlined in step 6.