What is a normal temperature for CPU on APU boards?

We get this question quite often, because customers are alarmed seeing 60°C to 70°C temperature in the pfSense dashboard.

APU routers are passively cooled, and their idle temperature is somewhere around 60°C. When under full load, temperature may rise to 70+°C, but it is not a cause for concern.

APU2, APU3 and APU4 have the same 4 core GX-412TC CPU that is designed to be passively cooled, and work stable up to 90°C. 


How to enable AMD Thermal sensor on pfSense

If you are not seeing the termperature meter on the dashboard, you probably have disabled the temp sensors.

To enable it, go to System -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous -> Cryptographic & Thermal Hardware

and set the Thermal Sensors to "AMD K8, K10 and K11 CPU on-die thermal sensor" as shown on the screenshot. 


Now your CPU temperature should show on the dashboard. See below.