What operating system to use for Access Point?

If you are building an open-source, wireless Access Point, LEDE/OpenWRT is best operating system for this purpose, by far. 

When it comes to router operating systems, most of our customers go for one the three big names: OPNSense, pfSense or IPFire. Not many people consider the alternative: OpenWRT/LEDE.

It turns out that OpenWRT, initially released in 2004 (14 years ago!) is still under active development and outperforms in many aspects other, well known brands.

OpenWRT is the only system we tested that fully supports 802.11ac mode and is able to achieve over half-gigabit, real-life WiFi throughput in Access-point mode. You can read more about this in our wireless throughput test.

Below you can see an access point we built for one of the customers that has 2 WiFi cards (wle200nx and wle600vx) to operate on both 2.4Ghz (802.11n) and 5.0Ghz (802.11ac) frequencies simultaneusly. 

(ignore the addition USB dongle. It was not used).