TekLager lead times

Last update: 2021-04-03

Lead times are at the bottom of the page. 

Chip shortages and increased prices

Due to an extended shortage of Intel i210at and i211at NIC chips used in most routers, many products are out of stock with long lead times. The lead time for new intel NIC orders is quoted at around 52 weeks. As a result, most hardware manufacturers struggle to procure NIC chips, and the factories are not producing new motherboards.

Major chip foundries like TSMC are running at 100% capacity, leading to escalating lead times. The pandemic has disrupted global logistics, which further slows down everything. This affects the whole industry, not just Intel. For example, Qualcomm does not take new orders for the chipset used on wle600vx / wle900vx at this time. We are fortunate to have some stock left of WiFi adapters.

The market price for 256Mx8 DRAM chips is currently about the same as for 512Mx8 DRAM. This makes the manufacturing of APU2E0 configurations rather pointless. We won't have 2GB APU motherboards until the situation changes.
512Mx8 DRAM chip prices seem to have stabilized at about twice last year's price - effectively, the cost of the motherboards this year is significantly higher than the previous year. 

Grey market for intel chips

There's some limited availability of the Intel i211at and i210at chips from the second-hand, grey market. We are procuring as many as we can at prices that make sense.

Intel i210at chips are unreasonably expensive, so we won't be buying them. The cost to consumer of APU2E4 with 3 intel i210at chips would be about 2x of last year, so this does not make sense. Instead, we have some limited availability of APU2E5 with intel i211at chips. More expensive than last year, but still acceptable.

Use different NIC chips or different manufacturers?

Manufacturers we are working with are redesigning motherboards to use different NIC chips such intel i225 or Realtek RTL8111. Design, prototyping, testing, and certification is taking time.

We have tested and rejected several hardware alternatives due to stability problems, NIC performance issues, BIOS problems, or low-quality manufacturing. We prefer to have no stock rather than sell hardware we are not happy with ourselves. 

Backorder queues

Customers who signed up to the backorder queues via email have priority to purchase new stock. We receive deliveries every few weeks, but most stock gets sold before it reaches the website. Queue time ranges from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 months, depending on the model.  

New hardware

We have several new models. 

Celeron-based TLSense routers are now available

  • TLSense J4125 with a very performant Celeron J4125 is now available.
  • TLSense J3060 with 2-core Celeron, performance similar to APU
  • TLSense J3160 with 4-core Celeron, performance better than APU

ARM-based turnkey all-in-one routers for customers who want a solid replacement for a home router:

More performant router with Intel i7 8550U is expected by October 31 (currently in stress testing).

Current lead times 

Things are getting a little better. Right now, we are getting smaller quantities, but deliveries are semi-regular. 

Lead times listed below are forecasts based on recent information from manufacturers. Forecasts can be incorrect.

Lead times
Model Next delivery Notes
 APU2E0 with 2GB RAM  Available now.  2GB memory cost is similar to 4GB. This configuration will be slightly less expensive than APU2E5. Consider your options based on price.
 APU2E4 with intel i210AT  Not expected in the next 6-9 months.  i210at chips are too expensive.
 APU2E5 with intel i211AT  Available now  Popular model, with limited avilability.
Send email to backorder+APU2@teklager.se be in the queue.
 APU3D4   Hard to predict at the moment. Likely end of April  using i211at chips
Send email to backorder+APU3@teklager.se be in the queue.
 APU4D4  Expected in early April.  
 APU6B4   Available now!  
 TLSense 4010U  Available now!  
 TLSense 4200U  Available now!  
 TLSense 4500U  Available now!  
 TLSense 7500U  Not expected any time soon. Consider 8550U.  
 TLSense 7200U  Not expected any time soon. Consider 8550U.  
 TLSense 8550U  Available now!   
 TLSense J3060 2x 211at NICs   Available now! Passed tests. Limited avilability starting on Monday. 
 TLSense J3160 4x i211at NICs  Available now!  Passed tests. Limited avilability starting on Monday. 
 New all-in-one ARM hardware.  Available now!  Low-power CPUs intended as "home WiFi routers" for less demanding customers. 
 These models are OpenWRT-only. 
 TLSense D2123IT  Expected by April 7.