NordVPN discounted subscriptions

NordVPN is a popular VPN service provider that allows you to stay secure and anonymous online through OpenVPN tunnel.

We buy NordVPN subscriptions in bulk and can resell them for a lower price. NordVPN's official price fluctuates, while our stays static, so you may want to check the current prices before buying. Typically our prices are about 20% better than official prices, even with their discounts.

If you buy a subscription through us, we will send you an activation link over email that will allow you to create a NordVPN account and activate your license. We don't have any access to your account and won't know your password. You will have to configure your router with NordVPN yourself and enter your password via the configuration panel to connect (we don't know your password and won't do it for you).

NordVPN 2 year Subscription

786.00 SEK
982.50 SEK incl. vat

NordVPN 1 year Subscription

399.00 SEK
498.75 SEK incl. vat

NordVPN 1 month Subscription

72.00 SEK
90.00 SEK incl. vat
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