How it works

Follow steps below to complete your purchase:

  1. Pick your products and place an order. At the checkout total cost including shipping and VAT (if applicable) and payments methods will be displayed. You may also choose to pick up your order in person at Vasagatan 16, Stockholm. 
  2. We will review your order and if you have chosen incompatible parts, we will contact you to confirm. If you choose pickup in person, we will contact you to arrange date and time. 
  3. Your product will be assembled and shipped on the same day (in most cases). We will contact you if we expect the shipping to be delayed. We always offer refund if the delay is prolonged due to items not being available in vendors' stock or UPS taking longer time to deliver.
  4. This is how the complete set may look like. A PC Engine set contains a circuit board with SSD or memory card in a specially designed chassis, AC adapter and a cable of your choice. It comes pre-installed with operating system of your choice.
    A TLSense router set comes with 64GB SSD, AC adapter and internal SATA cable.

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