How to reconfigure BIOS on APU routers

Article updated 2022-12-09

APU hardware does not have a graphics card, so you can't reconfigure BIOS settings by connecting a monitor. Instead, the BIOS needs to be reconfigured through a serial port connection. See our tutorials for connecting on Windows, MacOS and Linux. The Linux tutorial is most comprehensive, so it's worth reading if you run into problems on other operating systems.

Once the serial connection is established, power on the device and press F10 when you see "Press F10 key now for boot menu". It should look similar to this.

From here, you can reconfigure the device boot order and change a few other settings.

Note, each menu item starts with a different character. Press the corresponding key on the keyboard to change the setting.

It's worth mentioning that some APU boards have problems with Core Performance Boost. If you are experiencing stability problems, disable the setting by pressing l and then s to save.