How is my order handled

Posted by Natalia Wieczorek on 

  1. We verify that the parts you selected are compatible.
  2. Hardware is carefully assembled
  3. Operating system of your choice is installed (pfSense, openSense, m0n0wall, or a Linux distro of your choice)
  4. Operating system is configured for easy handling on your end. 
  5. System is tested and quality controlled.
  6. Assembled router is packed into a small box or bubble envelope with extra padding. We follow checklist to make sure nothing is missing.
  7. Parcel is shipped with PostNord. Shipping usually is done on the day of the order, if all components are in stock (we aim to always have popular hardware in stock), otherwise it may take between 2 and 5 days.
  8. You get an email with a tracking link, tracking receipt and an invoice. 
  9. You receive the parcel from us within 1-2 days in Sweden and 2-3 days in most other European countries. 
  10. You follow the instructions listed here to setup your device: Setting up my pfSense router.