Supported Operating systems

Updated on 2021-04-24

APU2 / APU3 / APU4 Supported operating systems 

APU boards are based on AMD Embedded G series GX-412TC low consumption CPUs. This means that all operating systems that are x86-64 compatible and don't require a graphics card to install, are supported.

Most popular:

Windows requires VGA for installation, but you can still install it under ESXi hypervisor, if you really want to. 

TLSense supported operating systems

TLSense supports all possible operating systems, including systems listed above. In addition to the operating systems supported by APU boards, you can also install systems that require VGA:

  • Windows (TLSense can be used as a desktop computer)
  • Ubuntu and other distributions of Linux with Desktop mode
  • ESXi - virtualization hypervisor
  • Commercial firewall software

We offer free pre-installation of most of the OSes on the boards purchased in the webshop.