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Manufacturer 10Gtek
Weight 0.050 kg

SFP 1.25G transceiver 1000Base-T Copper reviews


SFP 1.25G transceiver 1000Base-T Copper

277 SEK

(346.25 incl. SE 25% VAT)
277 SEK 2099-01-01

1000Base-T Copper RJ45 SFP Transceiver, designed in with Marvell 88E1111 PHY chip following IEEE 802.3ab and SFP MSA, supporting up to 100-meter transmission over CAT.5e


  • 1000Base-T
  • Data Rate: 1.25Gb/s
  • Interface: RJ-45
  • 100 meters transmission over CAT.5e
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3ab
  • Compliant with SFP MSA
  • Hot-Pluggable SFP footprint
  • +3.3V single power supply
  • Temp. Range(℃): 0~70