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APU Chassis reviews


APU Chassis

130 SEK

(162.5 incl. VAT)
130 SEK 2099-01-01

Enclosures designed for APU1, APU2, APU3, and APU4 boards.

We think that the blue chassis looks best in real life :-) 

2 LAN enclosure:

  • 2 LAN cutouts
  • 3 Antenna cutouts (great for wle900vx)
  • Colors: black only.
  • Designed for: APU2C0 board.

3 LAN enclosure has:

  • 3 LAN cutouts
  • 2 Antenna cutouts or 6 Antenna cutouts (for 2 wifi cards)
  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue and Silver. We think Blue looks best in real like.
  • Designed for: APU2C2, APU2D4, APU3C4

4 LAN enclosure has:

  • 4 LAN cutouts
  • 2 Antenna cutouts
  • Colors: black only.
  • Designed for: APU4

Enclosures made of anodized or painted aluminum.

Note: if needed, we will drill additional antena holes in the enclosure. If you want to drill yourself, use a 6.5mm drill bit.

Dimensions: 168 mm wide x 157 mm deep x 30 mm high. RoHS compliant.

Includes: 4 screws to mount system board, 4 screws to close enclosure, 4 self-adhesive feet.