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Manufacturer Li Fa Shun / iCablelink
Weight 0.015 kg

APU SATA data + power cable reviews


APU SATA data + power cable

48 SEK

(60 incl. SE 25% VAT)
48 SEK 2099-01-01

This is an optional cable for customers that want to connect a full size 2.5'' HDD/SDD to the APU board to expand the storage.

It's not required if you are getting the mSata drive. This is only for the regular, full sized, additional devices. You may want to get it if you are planning on adding additional storage to your system.

This cable has a special 2-pin power connector suitable for APU boards. 

There's enough space in the standard enclosure for one 2.5 inch drive - see pictures.

3.5 inch drives won't work, as they require 12V. This cable delivers 5V, which is suitable for 2.5'' drives.