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Manufacturer Data Power / Phison
Weight 0.006 kg

4 GB SD card reviews


4 GB SD card

76 SEK

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76 SEK 2099-01-01

This ia a cheaper alternative to the SSD drive.

This card has MLC NAND flash, just like the SSD drives. It's fast and durable. In most cases, SD card is just as good as SSD drive. OpenWRT works well on this card, however, new versions of pfSense and OPNSense are not compatible.

4 GB SD card, pSLC flash, RoHS compliant.

4 GB mSATA SSD, Phison controller, MLC NAND flash operated in pseudo SLC mode

Compatible with  APU2, APU3, APU4 series system boards.

pSLC / pseudo SLC means that MLC flash (2 bits per cell, 4 voltage levels) is used in SLC mode (1 bit per cell, 2 voltage levels). This reduces capacity by half, but ensures better endurance and write performance.