APU6B4: 1x SFP, 3x Gigabit LAN, Quad Core CPU, 16GB SSD, 4GB RAM

  • 1x SFP Gbps port, 3x regular Gbps ports
  • Integrated serial-to-USB chip. 
  • Support for optional 2.5'' SATA drive

2,313 SEK

(2,891.25 incl. SE 25% VAT)
2,313 SEK 2099-01-01

APU6 is similar to APU3, but it includes an SFP port (transceiver needs to be purchased separately). 

The router is shipped assembled, pre-configured, optimized, and ready to use (unless you choose otherwise).

APU router is the most open-source network device you can buy. It comes with open-source BIOS, an open-source operating system of your choice, and open hardware schematics. It's not locked down in any way.

Hardware supports OPNsense, pfSense, Open-WRT, *BSD, and a number of other operating systems.

Things to consider:

Advantages over competing hardware products

  • Completely silent. 0 dB - passively cooled. No moving parts.
  • Small: 16.8 cm X 15.7 cm 
  • Very low power consumption - ~6W. 
  • Very high throughput - 1 Gbit on pfSense, OpenWRT and IPFire
  • CPU has built-in encryption support (AES-NI), allowing for high VPN throughput.
  • Price.

Hardware included:

If you want a larger SSD or don't need the cable, use the APU router configurator to pick the parts you want.

Advantages over the proprietary solutions:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No artificial add-ons are required to make your system fully functional
  • No additional charges for extra features - everything is included. unlimited users, unlimited firewall rules. unlimited VPN accounts.
  • Low power consumption. It won't show on your electric bill.
  • No moving parts. This system is designed to last decades.

Router/Firewall comes assembled, pre-configured and ready to use.

Processor system
CPU AMD Embedded G series GX-412TC, 1.0Ghz/1.4Ghz quad Jaguar core with 64 bit and AES-NI support, 32K data + 32K instruction cache per core, shared 2MB L2 cache.
AES-NI Supported
Graphics card Not present
This system doesn't have a graphics card. This is an advantage in some ways - less hardware = more reliability. Use serial port instead.
Memory type 4GB ECC DDR3-1333 DRAM
Memory is soldered on the motherboard - can't be extended.
Ethernet ports 4
Ethernet speed 1 Gbps
Ethernet chipset 1x i210IS (SFP), 3x i211AT
Primary storage mSATA SSD (16-512 GB)
2nd storage SD Card
3rd storage 2.5'' SATA SSD
Serial connection
Serial port 1x microUSB serial port
External ports
External I/O microUSB serial port, SFP cage, 3x LAN, 2x USB 3.0, DC Jack, three front panel LEDs, pushbutton
Internal I/O ports
Internal I/O 4 USB 2.0 internal, GPIO, LPC header, SATA, front-panel pins, second COM port, i2c header, SPI header for CMOS, 3x mPCIe slots (1 mSATA, 1 PCI, 1 USB, SIM slot, SD card slot
LTE/4G option
Sim slot 1
LTE option yes, use mPCIe cards available in store
WiFi option
Wi-Fi option Yes, wle200nx or wle600nx
Power Adapter 12V, 2A
Power DC jack 2.5 mm, center positive
OS Support
Supported operating systems pfSense® CE, OPNSense, OpenWRT and all other router systems are supported
Chassis aluminium
Dimensions 16.8 cm X 15.7 cm
Mounting option wall-mount option.
Cooling Passively cooled
BIOS Coreboot BIOS
Warranty 24 months
Accessories and peripherals
Included Accessories - APU6B4 Motherboard
- 16GB SSD
- Chassis designed for this board
- Power adapter
- USB cable
Manufacturer PC Engines
gross weight 0.785

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