Building your own PC Engines APU router from scratch

Posted by Natalia Wieczorek on 

Building your own router from scratch can be fun and rewarding experience!

When you buy router from TekLager, assembly and OS installation is free of charge, however many of our clients still choose to build the router and install operating system themselves. 

We think this is great! It's a learning experience that gives you the full understanding and control over your own networking. Aside of a warm and fuzzy feeling :-)

If you are not sure if you can do it yourself, watch the video below. We have filmed the entire assembly process from start to finish for one of our latest clients. 

As you see, building a router from scratch is not as hard as people imagine. If you want to build your own, consider using our router builder to select the hardware components. We can assemble the router for you or send you parts for self-assembly. 

Happy hacking!