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Manufacturer PC Engines
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BIOS flash recovery module for apu2, apu3, apu4, apu6

64 SEK

(80 incl. SE 25% VAT)
64 SEK 2099-01-01

SPI flash recovery board for apu2/apu3/apu4 system boards.

This module is only for recovering bricked APU board after unsuccessful BIOS flashing. Generally not needed by the majority of customers. 
You can flash new BIOS on the board without this module. It's only needed if you make a mistake.

If you plan on making BIOS modifications or updating BIOS to the newer version, you may want to get this module for safety.

APU BIOS recovery instructions

  1. Install the SPI.1A module on the SPI header of the apu system board.
  2. Please watch the orientation (white stripe). Then power on.
  3. The SPI module will override the on-board flash, which could be blank or corrupted.
  4. Boot tinyCore Linux from a USB stick.
  5. Then remove the SPI module while power is on, and reflash the BIOS.