APU2E4: 3x Gigabit LAN, Quad Core CPU, 16GB SSD, 4GB RAM

  • 3x Gbps NIC ports
  • Support for optional 2.5'' SATA drive

2,268 SEK

(2,835 incl. SE 25% VAT)
2,268 SEK 2099-01-01
Consider APU4

APU router is the most open-source network device you can buy. It comes with open-source BIOS, open-source operating system of your choice and open hardware schematics. It's not locked down in any way.

APU2, APU3, and APU4 are very similar to each other and achieve roughly the same performance. You can see the detailed comparison here. If you aren't sure which one to choose, get APU2E4. 

Hardware supports OPNsense, pfSense, Open-WRT, *BSD and number of other operating systems.

Things to consider:

Advantages over competing hardware products

  • Completely silent. 0 dB - passively cooled. No moving parts.
  • Small: 16.8 cm X 15.7 cm 
  • Very low power consumption - 6 to 12W. 
  • Very high throughput - 1 Gbit on pfSense, OpenWRT and IPFire
  • CPU has built-in encryption support (AES-NI), allowing for high VPN throughput. 100-140Mbit/s on OpenVPN and about 700Mbit/s on Wireguard
  • Price.

Hardware included:

If you want a larger SSD or don't need the cable, use the APU router configurator to pick the parts you want.

Advantages over the proprietary solutions:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No artificial add-ons requires to make your system fully functional
  • No additional charges for extra features - everything is included. unlimited users, unlimited firewall rules. unlimited VPN accounts.
  • Low power consumption. It won't show on your electric bill.
  • No moving parts. This system is designed to last decades.

Router/Firewall comes assembled, pre-configured and ready to use.

Processor system
CPU AMD Embedded G series GX-412TC, 1.0Ghz/1.4Ghz quad Jaguar core with 64 bit and AES-NI support, 32K data + 32K instruction cache per core, shared 2MB L2 cache.
AES-NI Supported
Graphics card Not present
This system doesn't have a graphics card. This is an advantage in some ways - less hardware = more reliability. Use serial port instead.
Memory type 4GB ECC DDR3-1333 DRAM
Memory is soldered on the motherboard - can't be extended.
Ethernet ports 3
Ethernet speed 1 Gbps
Ethernet chipset 3x i210AT
Primary storage mSATA SSD (16-512 GB)
2nd storage SD Card
3rd storage 2.5'' SATA SSD
Serial connection
Serial port 1x DB9 null-modem, serial port
External ports
External I/O DB9 serial port, 3x LAN, 2x USB 3.0, DC Jack, three front panel LEDs, pushbutton
Internal I/O ports
Internal I/O 2 USB 2.0 internal, GPIO, LPC header, SATA, front-panel pins, second COM port, i2c header, SPI header for CMOS, 3x mPCIe slots (1 mSATA, 1 PCI+USB, 1 PCI-only), SIM slot, SD card slot
LTE/4G option
Sim slot 1x
LTE option yes, use mPCIe cards available in store
WiFi option
Wi-Fi option Yes, 1 or 2 adapters (wle200nx or wle600nx)
Idle draw 5.7W
Draw at 1 core 6.7W
Stress test draw 7.1W
Power Adapter 12V, 2A
Power DC jack 2.5 mm, center positive
OS Support
Supported operating systems pfSense® CE, OPNSense, OpenWRT and all other router systems are supported
Chassis aluminium
Dimensions 168 mm x 157 mm x 30 mm
Mounting option wall-mount option
Cooling Passive cooling from the CPU to the enclosure using a 3 mm alu heat spreader (included)
BIOS Coreboot BIOS
Warranty 24 months
Accessories and peripherals
Included Accessories - APU2E4 Motherboard
- 16GB SSD
- Chassis designed for this board
- Power adapter
- DB9-to-USB serial adapter with USB cable
Other can connect 2x WiFi cards
Manufacturer PC Engines
gross weight 0.785
Memory 4 GB ECC DDR3-1333 DRAM
Storage 16GB SSD
Ports 1x Serial, 4x USB, 3x LAN
Graphics None
Power consumption 6W idle, 12W under full load

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