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Manufacturer Teltonika
Weight 0.200 kg

TRB500 5G gateway reviews


TRB500 5G internet gateway/modem

3,592 SEK

(4,490 incl. SE 25% VAT)
3,592 SEK 2099-01-01

TRB500 is a 5G gateway ideal for providing a mobile WAN connection. 

Note, this device is not a router - it's a mobile modem with a single LAN port. You can connect it to the main router to create a primary or secondary (failover) WAN connection. It can also be used to provide an internet connection to IoT devices.

Generally, this device is used in combination with one of the TLSense routers.

TRB500 is a tiny, lightweight, energy-efficient 5G mobile gateway. 

This device works in Europe. It won't work in the USA.

Included in the box:

  • TRB500
  • 9 W PSU power adapter
  • 4 x 5G antennas
  • Micro-USB cable (0.8 m)
  • LAN cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Watch the getting started video:

More detailed specifications can be found on the manufacturer's website: